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<a href="">Prepare To Die by Telecom</a>

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Released 11 September 2010
Gregory Erdstein (lead bass, occasional tenor saxophone)
Darren Levin (guitar, vocals)
Nick Roe (guitar, vocals)
Blake Williams (drums, cymbals)

Additional Musicians
Nicholas Pollock (keyboards: Beer, Wine And Soft Drink, Roger The Cowboy)
Caitlin Mason, Alice Foulcher, Ben Bunting (drunken choir: Cut It To Tape, Hit The Lights, Whatever Happened To...)

All songs by Telecom
Produced by Robbie Adams and Telecom
Recorded by Robbie Adams and Telecom at Sing Sing South, the Grey Lodge and the Hughenden Spareroom
Mixed by Robbie Adams in the Dirty Room
Mastered by Martin Pullan at Eden Sound
Assistant Engineer (Sing Sing South) Noam "Owen" Dishon
Pre-production by Simon Knight at Sub FM
Artwork by Gregory Erdstein (PDF 763KB)

Utmost respect and thanks to Tom Cooper, Alana Levin, Caitlin Mason, Alice Foulcher, the extended families Erdstein, Levin, Roe, Adams-Buckland and Williams, Julian Tovey, Georgina Costello, Daniel Cleveland, Kalinda Vary, Eric Cherry, Casey Rice, the lovers, the dreamers, and you.

In loving memory of James Costello, Bernard Erdstein, Rita Levin, Michael Oakley, David Parker, Kenneth Roe, and Donald Williams.

© Telecom 2010

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<a href="">Modern Adventures EP by Telecom</a>

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Released 18 August 2006

All music and lyrics by TELECOM © 2006

Gregory Erdstein (lead bass)
Darren Levin (guitar/vocals)
Nick Roe (guitar/vocals)
Blake Williams (drums/cymbals)

Recorded by Robbie Adams at Metropolis Audio Studios
Mixed by Robbie Adams at Salt Recording Studios
Mastered by Martin Pullan at Eden Sound

Pre-production by Paul Maybury

Additional backing vocals on Kicks: Dylan Stewart
Piano on Kicks and Bells: Karl Mueller

TELECOM thanks Dan Cleveland Management, the extended families Erdstein, Levin, Roe and Williams, Alana Clements, Caitlin Mason, Megan O’Brien, Kalinda Vary, Elissa Morley, Simon Blankenstein, Matt Ford, Karl Howard, Geoff O’Connor, friends, loved ones, Sunny King and the bar staff at Ding Dong, and everyone else who was directly and/or indirectly involved in making this and every other EP, Album, Single, Short Play, Long Play, 8 Track, Live Track, Live Album, Double Album, Double Live Album, Double Live Album + Bonus Tour Edition DVD in the history of recorded and unrecorded popular and unpopular music.

Artwork by Gregory Erdstein (PDF 2.92MB)

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Album released September 11, 2010


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