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No News Is Good News!

In all seriousness, we didn't update the website in 2008. What did you miss? 2008 started off with the high-water mark of TELECOM shows to date: supporting legendary American indie-rock band Buffalo Tom at Melbourne's HiFi Bar. But it proved to be a false dawn as the rest of the year was spent largely in hiding. Sick of being sick of the old songs, we wrote a whole new set of songs to get sick of instead. We worked on the album at the rate Tim Robbins worked on his tunnel out of Shawshank. We played two other shows; one at the IDGAFF in November, and another at new venue Yah Yah's on December 26, playing two sets: one old and one new. Did anyone notice the difference? It's hard to say. What can be said for certainty is that 2008 will be remembered as not the best example of how many shows Telecom can cram into a calendar year.

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Album released September 11, 2010


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